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Winter Skincare: Insights from a Local Apothecary

Anita Henry, the owner of Rouge Boutique & Spa, a specialty apothecary located in the quaint Historic District of Leesburg, Virginia is a fountain of knowledge and joy.   Customers cherish her shop and wisdom when it comes to healthy and safe skincare.

Henry got her start as an expert in skincare as the Beauty Director at Nordstrom. There, she evaluated new products and the ingredients that influence the health of the skin and entire body.  She gained further insight into the apothecary business interviewing designers of fine toiletries and perfumes.  Starting her own line of products came naturally.

“Dry skin is a common problem I see among my clients from the Northern Virginia region especially in wintertime.” Henry recommends a reliable formula to cure dry skin, exfoliate, cleanse, and hydrate.  “Dry skin must be exfoliated, fresh skin cells must be hydrated and protected.  I remind my clients that one bad winter can age you years.  In the winter, light reflects off of the snow and exposed skin is at risk for damage from the sun.”

An active lifestyle in Northern Virginia, outdoor exercise and simply running errands can increase sun exposure in winter. Sun damage can increase the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Henry recommends a cleanser with a granular scrub or an enzyme that helps get rid of dead skin cells.  Products that include an enzyme that reaches down to the pores helps skin cells stay fresh and new. Once you have cleansed and exfoliated your skin, hydration is key.  Hydration keeps the skin cells plump and stimulates collagen production. In addition, she also recommends the inclusion of a serum for winter skincare.  Henry explains how a serum improves skin health, “It’s like giving your skin a drink of water. You can layer a serum followed by a moisturizing cream.” Lastly, Henry emphasizes the importance of wearing a basic SPF moisturizer.

To continue reading this article in NVSL Magazine’s Winter 2018 issue online, visit https://issuu.com/northernvirginiastyleliving/docs/nvslissue2

Anita’s Recipe for Chapped Winter Lips

Smooth plump lips are the best way to display lip color and gloss during any season.  Winter weather can lead to dry, chapped lips which can lead to truly pouty lips.  Fortunately, it’s easy to smooth and nourish your lips all winter long. Mix granulated sugar, honey, and a drop of organic coconut or olive oil. Then in rotational strokes, massage across the lips to remove dead, chapped skin. Apply a drop of the plain oil to hydrate your lips. 

Content by Anita Henry and Jessica Monte


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