The Cottage at Lucketts

The motto at The Cottage at Lucketts is to provide customers with well loved furnishing. Linda Campbell expanded The Cottage from its original location in Historic Leesburg when she moved to Lucketts. To prepare for the new location, Campbell completed a number of renovations to create an atmosphere that is cottage and farmhouse inspired.

The Cottage includes the main house as well as outdoor open air sheds for customers to shop.  42410 Stumptown Rd.  Leesburg, VA 20176


Open every day (except Tuesday) 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Outside the Window established by Holli Rathman, is a dealer at The Cottage.   Inspired by a love of typography, OW has rescued and hand-painted thousands of old wooden windows.


Merchandising and design  by COTTAGE AT LUCKETTS, Photo by JESSICA MONTE

This article excerpt originally appeared in the Summer/Fall Issue of Northern Virginia Style & Living