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Riding Boots: In or Out for Northern Virginia

Here’s What Fall Fashion in Northern Virginia Looks Like:


The big question for fall fashion in 2017 seems to surround the long popular riding boot, a fashion staple for many women in the fall and winter seasons.  The riding boot, inspired by equestrian fashion, may be on its way out as a fashion go-to in Northern Virginia.   We at Northern Virginia Style & Living Magazine thought the perfect place to find the answer to the riding boot dilemma would be to ask the experts: the very women who live in Northern Virginia.

Here is what they had to say:


I think they’re still in. However, I’m seeing the short ones all over the place modeled after the Paddock boots which are everyday wear for equestrians. ~ Virginia Costa, equestrian and mom of 3


I think Hunter/Uggs are more popular BUT I think riding boots are definitely still in.  ~ Ami Dodd, owner of Energie Goods


Definitely!!!  Love them!!  They’re classic, but can be edgy and different too.  They work with jeans, or more dressed up.   ~Gena Casagrande, parent liason Loudoun County Public Schools


IN! 🙂 The perfect fall accessory, in my humble opinion. I see them everywhere-especially with a flannel shirt and puffy vest. ~Erin Washington, writer at Rookie in this Mom Game


I think that traditional riding boots are fine to wear, but they aren’t the latest trend. I see lots of ankle boots being worn. I really think it’s a time of anything goes—but the ankle boots are the most fashionable/trendy. ~Angela Rabena
Native Barre Instructor


I have worn the same pair of brown Frye boots for years. I don’t really care if they’re in-style…I’m not exactly a fashion guru!  Ashley Campolattaro, Founder & Co-Executive Director, The Step Sisters


Yikes!  I’m terrible with fashion, but I would say they are fading.  Booties seem to be all the rage from what I see. ~Aimee Taylor, Marketing Alignment


More people seem to be wearing booties and less ridings boots. Unless you’re in horse country, so the booties are more in fashion. ~Anita Henry, owner of Rouge Boutique & Spa


I think similar to ballet flats, riding boots is a style shoe that will stick around for a long time. They have a classic style so they stand the test of time and have a low heel which makes them comfortable. The rounded toe looks good on anyone compared to a square or pointy toe.  They come in a variety of styles and colors (black and many different shades of tan/brown).  They look great with skinny jeans tucked into them and skinny jeans seem to be sticking around too! ~Elana Herman, Ashburn resident



In my opinion, tall flat riding boots are over.  They had a good, long run, but just like any trend, eventually the fashion world (and eventually consumers) craves something new. Riding boots became so mainstream and completely saturated our wardrobes, that they lost their ability to make an impact on our style. Ten years ago, they felt fresh and edgy, but now, they’re the beige paint of shoe options…nothing bold or noticeable at all.



In the last few years, we’ve been seeing ankle booties taking up the shelf space that was once dedicated to riding boots, and more recently, tall boots with a stacked heel and over-the-knee boots have become mainstream. Ankle booties can actually be a lot more versatile and flattering than knee-high boots, and over the knee boots will give your outfit wow factor riding boots once did! ~Jennifer Mackey-Mary, owner of Apple & Pear Wardrobe



I have many boots probably about 20 pairs but no riding boots just the ones that I actually ride horses with.  I’m a rebel.  I refuse to look like everyone else.  ~Sasha Creswick, stylist



Riding boots are in.. They are a classic fall look.  You can’t go wrong with the classic riding boot. You can up the ante by selecting a boot that has some detail. Like buckles, studs, decorative zippers, etc. Just don’t wear riding boots with loose fitting jeans… it looks terrible! Skinny jeans, leggings, skirts and some dresses are the key in putting together a cute fall casual look using riding boots. However, the ankle boot and high (over the knee boots) are the hot shoe of the season!! The ankle boot can have a tall heel, short heel, etc. You can dress them up or dress casual. Over the knee boots are fun, sexy and adorable when paired with the right outfit… But, not everyone can wear over the knee boots. ~Felecia Kluzinski



Whatever your opinion on wearing riding boots may be, we thought you might like to check out this lovely Fall 2017 boot guide by Jo-Lynn Shane.




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