Native Barre: Building Strength in Northern Virginia

Looking for a fun workout that will leave your body toned and strong, and your mind at ease?  Then look no further than Native Barre.  When you first walk inside, the studio is zen-like with streamlined minimalism decor, fur throws and succulent potted plants.  The dance studio with ballet bars at first glance creates an atmosphere that seems to blend yoga studio with dance.  However, the carpeted floors, weighted balls, required socks, and native jump boots are a fast reminder that this is no ordinary exercise studio.

Owner Bridget Wilson developed Native Barre with the intent to help her students build a strong core, create long and lean muscles, lift the “seat,” increase flexibility, and improve posture.  Her website proclaims “Off the record, the true reason why we love Native Barre is that it’s an amazing exercise that’s made for people who hate to work out and love to have fun.”

To learn more about Native Barre and how to get started with a fun way to build strength and fitness, check out the Fall/Spring issue of Northern Virginia Style & Living.


Studio by Bridget Wilson of NATIVE BARRE, Photo by JESSICA MONTE

This article excerpt originally appeared in the Summer/Fall Issue of Northern Virginia Style & Living