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Home Remodeling Trends in Northern Virginia

New model homes are being built for families and residents across Northern Virginia . As a longtime veteran in the design industry, I have to say that these houses by far, are the most thoughtful I have seen in years when it comes to layout, useable space and maintaining that delicate balance between formal entertaining areas coupled with personal retreats. And yet, with all of the new construction, many of us have lived in our homes for some time now, and are constantly dreaming of all of the ways to personalize our homes.

Whether is a full kitchen renovation, or simply a facelift, today’s homes are reflections of our desire for a bright and open feel. So many folks have shifted from the deep beige and earth toned palette that incorporated stained Cherry and Maple cabinetry into cooler tones, and shades of bright white paint are on trend. Gray has by far been the number one choice for most residences in Northern Virginia.

However, the tide seems to be shifting. For example, when it comes to bathrooms, gone are the days of all stark white institutional designs- folks seem to be focusing on adding a bit more “bling” to spaces and incorporating more furniture style pieces. No more wall to wall frameless mirrors. Homeowners are selecting more dramatic mirrors that seem just as appropriate in afoyer as they do in a bathroom.

Pedestal sinks and builder basic vanities are being replaced by stunning, high – design, focal points. These gorgeous freestanding vanities are truly works of art. The design is not just one of aesthetic either- we are seeing more and more smart features- such as tilt out drawers, aluminum lined drawers for easy maintenance and most importantly- using every square inch for storage.

Faucets are clean, and sleek in design- this example has no exposed set screws. Clients are focusing on quality pieces they can source at a value for their daily use items and price isn’t necessarily the first feature they consider.

Lighting has become more elegant, whether it is placing a stunning chandelier that has most commonly been seen in master baths and powder rooms or simple elegant sconces, the overall light is more flattering, and not the standard vanity bar.

With a nod to historical homes, we are also seeing a lot of interesting textured tiles trending. As the ever popular farmhouse and industrial chic looks take over the design industry, this classic white washed brick ceramic offers the aesthetic that is popular and pleasing to the region’s taste.

In an effort to minimize different flooring on one level, it’s become more and more commonplace to see one universal product selected to span the kitchen, foyer, living room, dining room, office and even powder room spaces. These engineered vinyl planks, sometimes referred to as Luxury Vinyl, is the perfect solution. With the technology mimicking the look and feel of authentic French Oak, or Rustic Hickory, these products come with lifetime warranties, are 100% waterproof, and best of all- incredibly stunning.

Beautiful homes, whether new construction or a gorgeous home that you and your family have owned for years, are a part of life in Northern Virginia. Interior designers and home remodeling companies are a great place to start for bringing your vision to life.

Content by Alison Geare

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