Holiday Gifts Ideas for Men

Military Themed Gift Ideas for Men

With Christmas just around the corner, you may find yourself struggling to get the man of the house (who already has everything) something unique.  Here are some great military themed ideas that would make anyone, Veteran or not, happy this holiday season.

Bottle Breacher – $24.00

Hand crafted 50 Caliber bottle openers made by Active Duty service members and Veterans.  Made in the USA, the staff at Bottle Breacher create the best functional bottle and wine opening gifts for any man worth his salt.

Tactical Christmas Stocking – $13.99

“The tactical Christmas stocking is a perfect stocking to place on your fireplace mantle for any person that enjoys the fine art of ninja moves, surviving in the wilderness, or just loves” real deal weaponry.  Perfect for the outdoorsman, prior service vet, current service member, or law enforcement official.


Readyman Wilderness Survival Card (2.0) – $13.00

The Wilderness Survival Card is a set of tools and devices that are a game changer for somebody in a survival scenario.  With this many survival tools on tap, it’s a great value in a wallet-sized package.


Military Grade Baby Carrier – $169.00

“Perfect for the military parent who doesn’t purchase a product unless its battle tested, this military grade baby carrier is sure to pass all the tests.”  The baby carrier is modeled after the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), made from 1000D Nylon outer construction, has a hidden hood that acts as a sun shield for your baby, and allows that man of the house to keep his cool while carrying his brood around town.


Semi-Automatic Rubber Band Hand Gun – $17.99

The PPK Rubber Band Gun is a wooden hand gun that shoots rubber bands up to 20 feet away with the simple press of the trigger.  Perfect for rubber band fights where you need better accuracy and would rather not use your fingers and/or risk having a back blast into your eye or face.


Combat Flip Flops – $19.99 – $49.99

Veteran owned firm that creates jobs in “dangerous places”, Combat Flip Flops works to create its products in Bogata Columbia, Afghanistan and Loas as a way to stimulate a localized economy for women.


R.Riveter – Large Dopp Kit Toiletry Bag – $95.00

Stop him from using the old canvases toiletry bag he picked up in basic.  He won’t miss it at all and its time to upgrade his style as well.  Military spouse owned firm that creates high quality, American Made handbags and accessories.  Every part and piece that goes into the bags, from the hand-stitched liner to the hand-cut leather – is crafted and secured by different military spouses stationed from coast to coast.