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Harold’s Barber Shop: Bringing Style to Northern Virginia

Harold is a master barber with, what seems to be, endless hustle and skill.  I’ve observed him numerous times over the years “remembering” to eat lunch at the 2:00 – 3:00 pm time range while having been consistently turning over his chair, every customer pleased with the results.

And no, I don’t mind hanging out in this barber shop to wait for my turn in his chair.  The conversation is ongoing and there are always familiar faces at Harold’s.

Harold’s Barbershop is an authentic urban barbershop, welcoming to all who walk through the door.  The Northern Virginia region is diverse and Harold and his team of Kay, Dominique, and Calvin have fully embraced the diversity in their clientele.  They even joke, “If you have hair on your head, we can cut it.”  Every barber on the team has skill and at one time or another each one has done a bang up job cutting my hair.

Harold Westbrook mans chair one, this is his shop after all, but it’s also so he can personally greet everyone who comes through the door.  He gives walk-in clients a heads up on the order of who’s next and if anyone has a standing appointment with a particular barber that may alter the order.  There are TVs, water, magazines, and candy for the kids.  What you won’t find at Harold’s Barbershop is foul language, bad vibes, mean mugs and hate.  At its core, it’s a barbershop and the real draw is the on point cut, the conversation, and the humor.

Harold’s Barber Shop

22034 Shaw Road

Sterling, Virginia 20164

Text by Chris Little

Photo by Jessica Monte


This article excerpt originally appeared in the Summer/Fall Issue of Northern Virginia Style & Living

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