Halloween Candy: Favorites

We asked Northern Virginians What They Thought About Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween and most of us have at least: decorated our homes, attended a Halloween party, visited a haunted house, and will go trick or treating.   And the Halloween celebrations, while all in good fun, can add up;  according to a 2016 article in Business Wire, U.S. “consumers are expected to spend an average of $82.93  with more than 171 million Americans planning to partake in Halloween festivities this year.”  A big part of the Halloween festivities is candy.   The National Confectioners Association reports that 76% of Americans will hand out candy this year.   We surveyed residents, business owners and leaders in Northern Virginia and this is what they had to say about Halloween and candy.  We asked:


1.  What is your favorite kind of Halloween candy?  
I don’t eat candy…I’m an orthodontist.  Haaa, just kidding.  Pez.  ~Dr. Casagrande of Northern Virginia Orthodontics
Milk duds. ~ Erin Washington, writer

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. ~Holly Chapple, owner of Gathered & Styled

 I really do love candy! My favorites are candy corns, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and gummy bears. ~Erin Dausch, co-owner of Chariots for Hire
My favorite Halloween candy used to be candy corn, however when we changed our eating habits it became whatever we can find that is gluten free and organic. ~Stephen Grant, GAM Printing

I thoroughly enjoy bite size candies.  Especially three musketeers or snickers.  OH!  And skittles. ~Alex Mangione Alex Mangione Photography

Reese’s cups are my favorite. My kids decide upon a reasonable number of pieces to keep and choose which candy to keep (usually they choose 20-25 pieces) and then they donate the rest to the troops at Costa Family Dentistry. ~Ali Basinger, personal trainer at One Life Fitness

Snickers bars. ~Dale Riggs, Park Manager at NOVA Parks Brambleton Golf Course

I love Reese’s peanut butter cups, especially when they come in shapes for holidays (like pumpkins for Halloween). ~Ami Dodd, owner of Energie Goods

Candy corn. ~Blue Ridge Supervisor Tony Buffington

Sugar Babies – they are a rare find in Halloween buckets though! ~Virginia Costa, co-owner of Costa Little Smiles Dentistry

Candy corn is a favorite and also mini Snickers or Milky Ways that I like to freeze before I eat them. ~Mark Metzger, owner of Highcliffe Clothiers

My favorite candy is Reeses. ~Heidi Milder, realtor for Gus Anthony

I am one of those odd balls that loves Candy Corn! After that, anything chocolate!  ~Dana Vinci, Lifestyles Manager for Brambleton Home Owners Association

I really don’t like candy that much, but if I do eat something, it’s a Reese’s peanut butter cup. ~Gena Casagrande, parent liaison for Loudoun County Public Schools

Candy corn and Yorks. ~Sasha Creswick, Fashion Editor for Northern Virginia Style & Living

As a young reveler, 3 Musketeers candy bar. ~Jim Sisley, Tryst Gallery

Peppermint patties, oh! And smarties! ~Jennifer Chatman, Jennifer the Beholder

Kit Kat!! ~Anita, owner of Rouge Boutique and Spa

Milky Way ~Perla Arias, Loudoun County Public Schools

Kit Kat! ~Pratima Ranjan, owner of PS Reiki

Snack size Almond Joy ~My Pham, manager of Giant Foods in Ashburn

2. How will you spend Halloween?  

Trick or Treating with my kids. ~Dr. Casagrande of Northern Virginia Orthodontics
Trick or Treating with my daughter Amaya dressed up as Elmo. ~Erin Washington, writer

We go to a pre trick or treating Halloweeen party at our friends house.  We’ll have pizza and drinks and take pictures of all the kids. This year, one of my neighbors created a really cool haunted house and a couple of our younger kids are taking turns being creepy clowns in it. While we take our youngest trick or treating, our teenage boys will be hiding in the shrubs with some of their friends at our house dressed as something ghoulish and will be scaring the poor kids that come trick or treating to our house!  Yikes! ~Erin Dausch, co-owner of Chariots for Hire

 We always trick or treat with our kids. Leading up to Halloween our favorite event is the fall festival at Lucketts Elementary. We have been doing the cake walk for 25 years straight. ~Holly Chapple, owner of Gathered & Styled

I will spend Halloween working at my part time job, however my wife will be taking the kids to a Harvest Party at Cornerstone Chapel. ~Stephen Grant, GAM Printing

This Halloween I will be traveling to Orlando for work however I will be dressed as Shaggy from Scooby D0o.  The costume is my normal clothes so hopefully the TSA at Dulles will get it. ~Alex Mangione, Alex Mangione Photography

For trick or treat we always have a special Halloween meal of “mummy” dogs, witch fingers, brew smoothie and “deviled” eggs.    Then we head over to the neighbors and have a little fire, s’mores, drinks and trick or treat. ~Ali Basinger, trainer at One Life Fitness

I’m so lucky, Halloween is a packed day for me!! Meetings, my daughter’s class parties, working at the shop and headed home early to trick or treat. My family is dressing up in a Greek god/goddess theme this year. ~Ami Dodd, owner of Energie Goods

Trick or Treating with my kiddos.  ~Blue Ridge Supervisor Tony Buffington

With friends and neighbors trick or treating. ~Virginia Costa, co-owner of Costa Little Smiles Dentistry

I will spend Halloween  working at the store handing out candy to the kids and their parents. ~Mark Metzger, owner of Highcliffe Clothiers

I wait until the day of Halloween and decorate my yard to surprise the kids. It takes me all day. ~Heidi Milder, realtor for Gus Anthony

Trick or Treating with my daughter in our neighborhood. ~Dana Vinci, Lifestyles Manager for Brambleton Home Owners Association

For Halloween, we usually go to a friends house for a potluck dinner, and the kids trick or treat with their friends from there. ~Gena Casagrande, parent liaison for Loudoun County Public Schools

I have guests over for early drinks and nibbles at my house.  Then, we walk around with the kids.  Alexa will be playing my Halloween play list that puts us in the mood! Normally I’ll dress up…Sadly my kids are older so they have become more independent and like to do their own thing. We always stay local love to move around and get together with the residents in our community. ~Sasha Creswick, Fashion Editor for Northern Virginia Style & Living

Attend the 60th Annual Leesburg Kiwanis Halloween Parade and then adult beverages and dinner with a couple of friends. ~Jim Sisley, Tryst Gallery

I will spend Halloween handing out candy while my husband trick or treats with our kids.  He goes all out on costumes.  However, leading up to Halloween night, we take advantage of some of the local ghost tours.  This year, we did one at Bull Run Winery and one with Loudoun Museum in Leesburg.  Most years we go to Ocelot Brewing’s Halloween party.  We have minimal decor outside, but we do have an inflatable, some spooky animation in the windows and lots of carved, lit pumpkins.  I do heavier on the holiday decor inside. ~Jennifer Chatman, Jennifer the Beholder

I will be at handing out candy at home, my neighborhood has lots of kids so I have to CANDY UP!!  ~Anita, owner of Rouge Spa & Boutique

At home, giving candy to the trick or treaters. ~Perla Arias, Loudoun County Public Schools

Sitting out on our porch with our pup giving out candy to all the neighborhood kids. ~Pratima Ranjan, PS Reiki

 I will be spending my Halloween with my two kids, 2 nieces, 4 nephews and we are going “Trick or Treating”, after that a small family gathering at my house to celebrate my father’s birthday. ~My Pham, Manager of Giant Food in Ashburn
3.  What do you do with all the candy you and your family collect at Halloween?  
I let the kids eat it for about 2-3 days…then it disappears into the trash can.  ~Dr. Casagrande of Northern Virginia Orthodontics
 My husband and I will probably have to hide any candy my daughter collects since she’s still not sporting very many teeth. If any Milk Duds are collected, I will not have to hide those. 🙂 ~ Erin Washington, writer
I go through everyone’s piles, check everything for safety, and find all of my favorites and promptly eat them!!   Then, they can bring in 2 pieces of their favorites with their lunches every day for a about a week or two. After that, we give our leftover candy to the school & they will donate it to our troops.  ~Erin Dausch, co-owner of Chariots for Hire

The kids keep their candy separated per child and are allowed to over indulge. ~Holly Chapple, owner of Gathered & Styled

Whatever non-organic candy we collect we donate it to the candy collection at church. ~ Stephen Grant, GAM Printing

What we’ve done in the past is sort it out so that we have some for Halloween night then the rest goes in a bowl for the rest of the year.  Spoiler alert!  It didn’t last all year.  This year I will eat all the candy I get as soon as possible.  ~Alex Mangione, Alex Mangione Photography

I wish I could say we donate or do something really creative with our candy but honestly we spread it al over the floor, trade pieces and eat it all up!!  ~Ami Dodd

Eat a reasonable portion of our favorites and take the rest to work! ~Blue Ridge Supervisor Tony Buffington

Costa Family Dentistry And Little Smiles has a candy buy back program that collects candy to ship to troops overseas. ~Virginia Costa, co-owner of Costa Little Smiles Dentistry

We don’t accumulate any extra candy and we have enough trick or treaters to clean us out however when there was a bit extra, truth be told …we ate it. ~Mark Metzger, owner of Highcliffe Clothiers

I take the left over candy to my office. ~Heidi Milder, realtor for Gus Anthony

I will tuck it away and allow my daughter to have so many pieces per day.  The entire family nips off of it gradually also but I don’t let her know. ~Dana Vinci, Lifestyles Manager for Brambleton Home Owners Association

The kids keep a small amount of their candy, and we donate the rest to Treats for Troops. ~Gena Casagrande, parent liaison for Loudoun County Public Schools

Donate to different businesses, charities and venues each year. ~Sasha Creswick, Fashion Editor for Northern Virginia Style & Living

I take it to office for visitors. ~Jim Sisley, Tryst Gallery

We eat our candy!  LOL.  If there is an organization collecting candy for the troops, we usually participate in that.  We use leftover candy to decorate sugar cookies shaped like turkeys (made be tracing my kids’ hands) for Thanksgiving. ~Jennifer Chatman, Jennifer the Beholder

No left over candy at our house, it is all given away.  ~Anita, owner of Rouge Boutique & Spa

I bring it to work for the teachers.  ~Perla Arias, Loudoun County Public Schools

We will give it away, except for the Kit Kats! ~Pratima Ranjan, owner of PS Reiki

I can easily tell you what my kids will do with all that candy. LOL! I usually, give them a couple of pieces a day for a few days and then a piece, then hide the candy and they forget. They get hyper really quick and 2 kids jumping around is not fun at all. HAHAHAH! ~My Pham, manager of Giant Food in Ashburn