Garret Neff and KATAMA

We here at Northern Virginia Style know Garrett Neff as a highly successful model with cheek bones that just do not quit! In 2015 Garrett became the founder of the North Eastern American swimwear label KATAMA, he has since expanded into tees, knits and trousers. Garrett grew up on the beach in Massachusetts and over the summer lived in his bathing suit. His brand name was inspired by his family beach house in Katama Bay on the South Shore Island of Martha’s Vineyard where he spent much time gathering with several generations of his family.


Garrett spent long days swimming, playing tennis, crabbing and fishing with his father, grandfather, uncles and cousins. It was from the men he grew up with whom he developed his successful sense of style.  The Neff brand became a combination of the preppy athleticism of his father, the tailored bespoke sharpness of his world traveling grandfather and the military functionality of his uncle.  This brand is infuses Garrets young contemporary style as well as the vintage influences of his family and youth. After working behind the camera in fashion for 10 years, Garrett noticed a gap in mens swimwear and body wear market. The amazing pieces of active wear just did not exist anymore as it did in his fathers generation so he channelled the style from his father’s and grandfather’s generation to fill the style gap,  to create trim and technical trunks with a very stylish retro touch.

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