Fall, A Time for Letting Go

Fall has arrived and happens to be my favorite season! It is the transition into winter but is much more than apple picking and pumpkin-spiced lattes. It brings with it a magical change and an intensive energy that we feel; fall is a season when we can become more aware of what we need to release.  During the fall season, we are nudged to embrace the positive changes within us and in our lives, inviting beauty and enchantment as a personal harvest of all delightful things.
There is sense of shedding, revealing true colors and exposing all our beautiful aspects just as trees foliate letting leaves go when they are ready to fall. It signifies balance and transition, not resisting but allowing the flow of life to happen. During this time of change and shifting energy, our bodies are more receptive to releasing any self-defeating patterns and we are more open to new and positive transformation. It is an advantageous time to  welcome what the energy of the season and the earth offers.   The fall season allows us to release what no longer serves our greatest purposes.
Take this time to think of all the things you are ready to let go of to create space for what inspires you. Write it down and let it fly away with the winds of Autumn like fallen leaves. It’s time to recharge and embrace positive changes this season!
Written by Pratima Ranjan, Reiki Master/Teacher
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Ashburn, Virginia
Photos by Jessica Monte
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