The blazer, whether it’s made of corduroy,  velvet, or jersey,  is one of the most fashionable articles of clothing to have in your wardrobe.  Women can wear a blazer to add structure and shape at the shoulder and bring the eye inward with the lapel and upwards to the face.  Blazers are great style staples for covering bits and bumps, accentuating a waist line and bringing the emphasis onto your face.

Below are samples of blazers that are classic, fit well, and bring polish to every woman’s ensemble.


Slim Fit Virgin Wool Silk Jacket by Burberry

mcqueenkickbackjacket with chain and button clasp

Alexander McQueen Kick Back Jacket (blazer)

Style icons understand that the blazer is a versatile part of women’s classic fashion.


Katie Holmes and Halle Berry look fabulous in white blazers.

Jackie O’s pink knock off Chanel blazer/suit was worn several times.  Europe looked forward to seeing what she would wear next . . . and Jackie Kennedy wore her pink suit the day that JFK was assassinated.

Borrowed from men’s fashion, the blazer has been a staple of women’s fashion and was popularly part of Yves Saint Laurent’s way of dressing women in the 1960s.  Above, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson rock identical Yves Saint Laurent’s blazer and matching slacks.  Both look stunning.To learn how to style  favorite blazers or help you shop for the best blazers for your style, coloring and shape, please reach out to us.  We take pride in making our clients look their very best.