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Williamsburg Christmas Wreaths

Hand made magnolia leaf and pine wreaths that hang upon the windows and doors of the merchant shops and homes.  While popular thought is that the origin of fruit bedecked wreaths and trappings at Christmastime began in Williamsburg, as it turns out the Colonial Revival period which is the setting for Colonial Williamsburg was influenced, more likely, by “a sculptor with the improbable name of Grinling Gibbons who produced popular architectural wood carvings with festoons of fruit, flowers, and other bits of nature in borders and decorative motifs for English cathedrals and English royalty until his death in 1720.”   Instead, it is more likely that Mrs. Louise Fisher, placed in charge of flowers and Christmas decorations for the district, drove to the Library of Congress where she turned up English and American pictorial examples from the period to use as guides. By 1939 her “della Robbia” wreaths were attracting considerable comment and the “Williamsburg Christmas look” was launched.  To read more about travel to Williamsburg during the Christmas holiday season, click here.

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