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Energie Goods: Apparel for the Active Northern Virginian Lifestyle

In 2016, Amie Dodd founded Énergie Goods with the ideal that people today are living with the mindset of dressing for work, fitness and play.  Her pop up shops, are all around Northern Virginia and provide apparel to people who are looking to go from their day to day tasks to whatever their fitness commitments of the day might be.

Ami Dodd decided to create a brand that provides athleisure clothing and products that are made by small companies and are of the highest quality.  Énergie Goods philosophy is that they are a brand  that unites people and communities through authentic connections and only carries products from small companies of high quality and standards. Companies that understand your needs and how transformative it is to feel great in your own skin. These products were hand selected to support and inspire you.”

Inside Ami’s pop up shop at the Reston Station Metro, a wide range of clothing for women, men, and children are available to support the active lifestyle shared by so many who live, work and play in Northern Virginia.  Currently, Énergie Goods is available online and at six pop up shops around Northern Virginia: Urban Pop at Reston Station, BE, Wishing Tree at One Loudoun, BeFit NOVA, Wheel House Mind Body Spirit, and Play Well Nook.

Ami’s passion for health and fitness as well as her high energy levels inspired her to create a brand that worked well with her active lifestyle as well as support a community and culture that wants to be able to move.  She says, “I love that when I wear Energie products, I am free to go to work, run errands, and then get my workout in whenever I am able to because I am already in athletic clothing.”

The path that lead Ami to Énergie Goods was an unexpected one.  She was attending medical school and teaching yoga when her father passed away due to health related problems.  For Ami, it was an eye opener and she began to examine the direction she wanted her own life to go in.   She became more and more active with teaching yoga and was a customer of the many women owned brands that Énergie Goods now represents.  Her role as a business owner though came naturally to her; both of her parents had owned and operated their own businesses so entrepreneurship is a lifestyle that she was familiar with.   Eventually yoga lead Ami to becoming a fitness clothing expert and for Ami that meant shopping ethically.

Ami continues to add products to the Énergie Goods brand as well as pop up shop locations.  “I love knowing that I am helping support other small business owners by sharing their products with my customers.”

To contact Ami and visit her Énergie Goods pop-up shops, visit https://www.energiegoods.com/faq-contact-ambassador-program




Shop Nostalgia for Quality and Style

“Everyone owns something that makes them feel good.” Understanding this all too well, Purcellville based vintage merchandiser and owner of Nostalgia Vintage Clothing and Antique Furniture,  Silas Redd has created a must visit shop for apparel and home goods in Northern Virginia. “I want to steer clients to select flattering pieces that remind them of another time,” he says.  The name of the store, Nostalgia, came to him because it is the very feeling he hopes to create when patrons visit his store.  That said, even though the clothing and furniture on display through the store may bring the past to mind, Redd emphasizes that his merchandise is wearable and livable.  “We don’t carry costume-y pieces.”  He emphasizes, “My customers understand quality and they don’t mind wearing a unique piece to stand out.”   In a previous life, Silas styled Richmond socialites while studying Fashion Merchandising at Virginia Commonwealth University.  He later worked in retail doing visual merchandising for West Elm, Brooks Brothers and Macy’s.   A walk through Nostalgia is something like a walk through a museum, with each piece carefully on display with a story to tell.   He does accept vintage consignment.

Mention Northern Virginia Style when you shop Nostalgia and save 10% on your next purchase.


142 E. Main Street, Purcellville, VA 20132, 540-751-8252, https://www.shopatnostalgia.com

Point to Point Guide to Hats

Northern Virginia Style recently turned to easy going but iconic model Lacey Tanner to serve as muse and collaborator for its latest guide on hats for the Piedmont region’s spring horse point to point season.   Northern Virginia Style was inspired to provide a guide of hats for travelers to the region and those residents who want to spend a day in horse country.  From felt trilbys to straw fedoras and luxury baseball hats, Northern Virginia Style’s Guide to Hats for the Spring Races embraces style, fashion and comfort.

Shop for hats at Middleburg’s J. McLaughlin112 W. WASHINGTON STREET, UNIT 103Middleburg, VA 20117

Lou Lou’s Boutiques, multiple locations in Northern Virginia

Top’s of Old Town2400 Mt.Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301, (703) 836-4511

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First, let’s take a look at the Trilby – traditionally a soft felt men’s hat can now often be seen in straw, with a deeply indented crown and narrow brim often upturned at the back. On men it is often worn at the back of the head.

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Next, the Fedora, a felt or straw hat with a medium to wide brim and lengthwise crease in the crown is another great option for a sunny spring day.  The crown traditionally is shallow.

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The Akubra is an Australian brand of bush hat. Its wide brimmed styles are a distinctive part of Australian culture especially in the rural areas.

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The fascinator,  a headpiece, is a style of millinery usually worn formally as an alternative to a hat. They are almost always large and decorative and are attached to the head by an elastic band or clip. Sometimes incorporating a base to resemble a miniature hat in which case it may be called a “hatinator.”

Dana’s Tailoring

Most of us have a closet that includes a few pieces of clothing that makes us feel beautiful.  Dana of Dana’s Tailoring wants her customers to own a closet full of items that make them  feel beautiful.

Dana, pronounced “Donna,” owns a tailoring shop in Sterling, Virginia tucked into a hidden shopping center that is right off of exit 8A on the Dulles Toll Road.  The shopping center includes several great shops including Sweet Cakes Bakery, Consign Mine, and Michael Helene Salon.

She was immediately cheerful when I walked into her shop.  I explained that I needed my blazers mended and she had me put on my large blazer so that she could pin it to fit me.  Regarding the blazer missing a button she told me she could replace the button but that I needed to order an entire set so that all buttons on the coat would match.  It was easy enough to do and I actually stepped up my style with that blazer because I selected buttons that I like quite a bit more.

A week later I returned to her shop with Sasha.  We met Dana’s daughter Alexandra who she lives with in Aldie, Virginia.  Both http://www.besttramadolonlinestore.com Dana and Alexandra had shared acquaintances with Sasha in the horse world in western Loudoun.  As it turns out, we learned that Dana also repairs leather including riding and equestrian boots.  I was also thrilled to hear that it is no trouble for Dana to replace a zipper on a garment.  I’d previously believed that once a zipper was ruined, an item of clothing is done for.

Here Dana is sewing a seam onto custom curtains for a client.

Her shop is bright and spacious including a variety of machines used to create and repair different items of clothing and household goods, including leather pieces.

Reams of colorful threads line the walls of Dana’s shop.

Dana checks her work at my final fitting for my coat.

photos and editorial by Jessica Monte

If  you own items that you love but don’t wear because they do not fit you properly, you may simply need to mend the item and have it tailored for your body.  Dana can definitely help you with that, and that means you are one step closer to having a closet full of clothing that makes you feel fabulous.

23520 Overland Dr #136, Sterling, VA 20166 https://www.dana1tailoring.com

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