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Mindfulness in the Mountains

Mindfulness in the Mountains: ‘Healing by the Sea’ Comes to Virginia Reducing Stress Through Mindfulness If you are feeling overwhelmed by the holiday stress right now, you may want to head to the mountains for a mindfulness retreat. Mindfulness could be your answer to coping with long lines, holiday travel, shopping, or the perfect images… Keep Reading

Holiday Gifts Ideas for Men

Military Themed Gift Ideas for Men With Christmas just around the corner, you may find yourself struggling to get the man of the house (who already has everything) something unique.  Here are some great military themed ideas that would make anyone, Veteran or not, happy this holiday season. Bottle Breacher – $24.00 Hand crafted 50… Keep Reading

Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

15 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season! Feel your best to enjoy the season! 1) Get a good nights rest! This will make for a clear and engaging mind during the holidays and allow you to enjoy the time with family and friends.  When your mind is clear, you’ll also be able  to make healthy choices… Keep Reading

The Joy and Hard Work of Equestrian Life

Equestrianism, also known as horseback riding, is a way of life for many who reside in Northern Virginia.  The good news about living in Northern Virginia is that even if you don’t ride horses, you can still enjoy the equestrian lifestyle that the horse community provides.   As local equestrian Virginia Costa recently shared in a… Keep Reading

Fall, A Time for Letting Go

Fall has arrived and happens to be my favorite season! It is the transition into winter but is much more than apple picking and pumpkin-spiced lattes. It brings with it a magical change and an intensive energy that we feel; fall is a season when we can become more aware of what we need to… Keep Reading

Rouge Boutique: An Oasis in Historic Leesburg

Rouge Boutique and Spa provides an oasis in the center of Historic Leesburg.  Anita, the owner of Rouge, not only creates custom perfumes, lotions and body sprays but offers an array of products that are hard to find elsewhere.   Rouge Spa provides products that satisfy the health and beauty routines for women and men, also offers a… Keep Reading

Think Pink and Be Stylish for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   The pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness.  Pink ribbons, and the color pink in general, identify the wearer as expressing moral support for women with breast cancer.   There are so many stylish options for wearing pink in the month of October; and yet, stylish men and women everywhere,… Keep Reading

Farmers Markets in Northern Virginia

Saturdays at the farmers markets in Northern Virginia continue to offer quite the bounty. And if you were enthusiastic about berries this year, we hope you are taking the time to freeze some to enjoy the rest of the season TIP: to keep berries from sticking together in the freezer, freeze in a single layer… Keep Reading

Native Barre: Building Strength in Northern Virginia

Looking for a fun workout that will leave your body toned and strong, and your mind at ease?  Then look no further than Native Barre.  When you first walk inside, the studio is zen-like with streamlined minimalism decor, fur throws and succulent potted plants.  The dance studio with ballet bars at first glance creates an… Keep Reading

Farm to Table Smoothie

Basil is a key ingredient for summer and fall recipes as it grows in abundance this time of year. Sweet savory basil provides excellent nutrition as well. Basil is an excellent source of Vitamin K, which promotes strong bones, a healthy heart, and proper brain function. The aroma of basil helps to reduce feelings of… Keep Reading

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