In the Buff Apparel: Interview with Founders Catherine and John Warren

The Passion of Entrepreneurs

John and Catherine Warren, an entrepreneurial couple in  Ashburn, Virginia sat down with NVSL Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jessica Monte to share their passion for In the Buff, an apparel line created in 2012 that is all the rage across Northern Virginia.   Be sure to check out this local business and look on point with a classic look for everyday wear, gym to a casual workday.

What inspired you to found In the Buff?

About twelve years ago, we were chatting about the apparel featuring animals on a shirt. The buffalo is a powerful animal.  We wondered, why not a buffalo?  Years passed and in 2011 I said to my wife Catherine, “Let’s try to figure this out.” We didn’t know what to do or how to do it.  We just wanted to get a buffalo on a shirt. We started with the idea of building a full line of apparel. With the help of a friend, we sourced material from Thailand. Today, we select the highest quality fabrics and materials for our apparel.

How did you come up with your brand name In the Buff?

We tossed around a lot of ideas. The brand In the Buff reflects the energy that the buffalo represents. Our apparel has a classic, vintage look. We carry good-looking tees, fleeces, and hats our clients like to wear.

On your website, you shared that you grew up in Dunkirk, New York, a suburb of Buffalo? What are some of your favorite parts of life in Buffalo?

Big extended families in Buffalo are part of what I love about the city. Love and passion for the city.  Even now,  if I met someone from Buffalo it’s an instant connection. People from Buffalo are passionate about the city.

Who is your apparel designed for?

Our client wants great design and high quality, comfortable fabric. Our color palettes change with the season and our fabrics are high quality,  soft and durable. In the Buff has grown beyond Buffalo, New York because of Northern Virginians and others around the U.S. who like the look and feel of our apparel.

What was one of your most memorable apparel sales thus far with In the Buff?

One of the first shirts I sold was to a woman in North Dakota. She wanted to replace her husband’s favorite and disintegrating buffalo shirt. She told me that it was “literally falling apart.” The deal was she had to find him another shirt with a buffalo on it that was simple, classic, and high quality.

Article and photos by Jessica Monte

Modeling by Lacey Tanner, Tyler Casagrande, Chris Little and The Warren Family