Recently we visited with and photographed Mr. Baytok, of Baytok Bespoke Tailoring in Georgetown.  Mr. Baytok, a tailor trained in Europe by a master of Saville Row, provides custom clothing for men who care about comfort and style for their everyday wear.  Mr. Baytok is educating us about men’s tailoring and style.  He says, “Do you know what bespoke means?”  He gestures with his hand and says, “It means to be spoken for.  When a man walks out on the street wearing a bespoke suit, everyone stops and looks.  He is spoken for.  He is well dressed.”

From inside his handsome Georgetown studio, master tailor Mr. Baytok understands the importance of fine dressing for today’s successful man. Known for a sharp eye for detail, Baytok measures each client multiple times, adjusts his tailoring for posture, shoulder width, then arm and leg length, waist, and then creates by hand every piece that comes out of his bespoke tailoring shop.  He ensures that his clients look their absolute best–his artistry as a clothes maker is like no other in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  His designs are inspired by his clients.

He is located at 1804 Wisconsin Ave. NW, 202-337-4800